[URGENT APPEAL]Please Help Refugees in Japan Cope With the Long, Freezing Winter amid COVID-19.

A cold winter is approaching amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its prolonged impact on the society.

The Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) has been receiving different consultations from that of previous years. Included are those who were just about to seek hope in life when the pandemic relapsed them into homelessness similar to the period when they have just arrived in Japan; those in need of food security as they no longer receive the support they have once managed to rely on; and those struggling to live because the company they have been working for has shut down its business due to COVID-19. There are many other refugees living under such hardships in Japan.


When such people approach us as their last hope, JAR desires to “be their safeguard even if there is a limit to what we can do.” We thus have been continuing to open our office in Chiyoda City, Tokyo under the COVID-19 pandemic, providing various forms of assistance, such as but not limited to:

  • offering counselling sessions (if the client requires a language other than Japanese, English or French (e.g. Arabic), JAR arranges an interpreter for the session);
  • providing temporary shelter (comprised of 27 rooms) for homeless refugees; in cases where the shelter is full, we arrange accommodation for those in desperate need, particularly women and children;
  • delivering food and daily commodities (usually handed over at the office, but considering the pandemic, we also deliver to those who need it);
  • offering job assistance to those who need to change their job in order to maintain their livelihood after business closure;


Despite the range of assistance we offer, however, our activities are not supported by one large fund. An agglomeration of small contribution from many people is what makes our activities possible and sustainable. In order to continue being a reliable place for people who visit our office for help, as well as providing food supplies and comfortable shelter for those who need it, we would greatly appreciate it if you could join us and support refugees in Japan.

With your donation, we can continue to support their lives and future

  • 5000 yen
  • Can provide 15 meals worth of food supply such as pasta, packaged curry sauce, and canned beans.

  • 10,000 yen
  • Can assign an interpreter (for 2 times) for interviews other than Japanese/English/French such as Arabic.

  • 30,000 yen
  • Can provide warm shelter (10 days) to those who need it the most

Thank you for your support to help refugees cope with the cold winter amid COVID-19.