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“I have not eaten anything from this morning”
“I have no house to sleep at”
“How can I live from now on…?”

As the number of applicants for refugee status rises, many asylum seekers visit our office, seeking for help. The number of asylum seekers visited JAR in the last fiscal year adds up to 633. This includes women and minors. They are facing severe survival in Japan, a destination to which they decided to come, escaping from persecution.

Japan Association for Refugees assist asylum seekers who have fled to Japan”

1. Legal assistance(In order to receive refugee status) 2. Social assistance(Securing food, medical care
and shelter) 3. Integration support(For a self-sustainable future)

In addition, JAR has been conducting comprehensive support activities for refugees through policy proposal and networking, and engaging in public relations activity.

Your Action Can Save Refugees: JPY5,000 can provide 15 meals worth of food supply such as pasta, packaged curry sauce, and canned beans. JPY10,000 can assign an interpreter (for 2 times) for interviews other than Japanese/English/French such as Arabic. JPY30,000 can provide warm shelter (10 days) to those who need it the most.

How you can contribute:

Credit Card

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Money transfer, etc.

1. Money transfer at post offices

Account #: 00100-0-132625
Account name: Japan Association for Refugees
(Enter “Donation” in the description column.)

2. Bank transfer

Mizuho Bank, Iidabashi Branch,
Account #: 8043319 (Futsu)
Account name:トクテイヒエイリカツドウホウジン ナンミンシエンキョウカイ
("Tokutei-Hieiri-Katsudou-Houjin Nanmin-Shien-Kyoukai")

* When you donate through bank account, please send us an e-mail (subject="Donation") with the information about the donation: your name, your contact (address, tel.,) date of the transfer, and the amount of the donation.

3. Cash by registered mail

Please use "Cash registration envelope (genkin kakitome futo)" sold at the post office for 20 yen and send to our office address. (see "Contact")


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