Our Activities


JAR supports refugees in Japan to achieve a normal life
by providing meals, rest, and assistance finding employment.

As an organization of refugee protection experts, JAR provides comprehensive assistance for individual refugees, from the critical stage immediately following their arrival, until they can lead a self-supporting life. Our mission is to ensure that all refugees who flee to Japan seeking help will be accommodated and settle down in the new land with hope.
JAR works as a project implementing partner under contract with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Our Activities

    • Legal support

      Aiming for recognition of refugee status

      JAR provides multilingual information on refugee application procedures and, working together with lawyers as needed, provides assistance such as advising on preparing documents and collecting evidentiary material.

    • Social Support

      Securing medical care, clothing, food, and housing

      JAR provides various support services relating to medical care, food, clothing and housing, without which refugees cannot survive in Japan. These efforts include negotiations with medical institutions and local governments, securing shelters, and providing financial support.

    • Integration Support Cultivating new lives

      JAR assists refugees attain economic independence through providing help with finding employment or starting a business. JAR is also developing a system where refugees settled in Japan can support one another, fostering independence in their new country so prolonged aid will not be necessary.

    • Other activities

      In addition to the direct support services mentioned above, JAR actively works on advocacy and networking to promote institutional reform, as well as public relations campaigns. JAR also provides humanitarian assistance in disaster affected areas in Japan, by making use of a viewpoint developed through refugee support, focusing on the theme, “how to support people who have difficulty in receiving support.”

Annual Report

We offer the latest annual report in English.