How to overcome the obstacles of harsh reality - Supporting the refugees

As the coldness began to seep in, there have been refugees waiting outside our office in the early hours.
The waiting room is full of those exhausted by the long cold wait outside, with gloomy and vacant expressions upon their faces.

Some refugees shed tears over the harsh situation that they had never expected, in a land where they ardently sought for warmth and protection. We assist those refugees in the process of accepting the ruthless reality that they are faced with and to conjure up a solution together to overcome the obstacles.
In some cases, they are forced to live on the streets when they cannot find a home.
Until we can arrange for a shelter (temporary home), we provide them with warm meals at the office and a moment's respite during the day. They must bear the night with the emergency monetary support, food, sleeping bag, and the "Survival Handbook" (a booklet with information required to live) that the office provides.
We assist them as much as possible in order to keep the flame of hope burning in this grim reality.

Our office, by our nature, often faces the sufferings of the refugees. However, we are also seeing the impact of support and the change.
That expression of relief and reassurance when they can finally live in a shelter.
And after they get settled, that voice of joy when they call in the office that they could find a job.
These are the times when we feel the power that the refugees have stored within themselves.

These people have lost more things than is imaginable through the process of becoming a "Refugee."
Support in diverse ways is required in order for them to open the way to a new life in a completely unknown land, Japan.
Merely "Giving" materialistic and monetary support is not the goal of our organization. We aspire to be one that provides support that "Brings out" their powers to live on their own, so that their flames of hope will not be expunged by the rugged path of reality.

It is due to donations such as yours that is supporting our aspiration.
We appreciate your continued support for this organization.

Protection and Assistance Unit/Shigeri Toki

〜Emergency Aid〜
May asylum seekers survive through this winter safely
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