May 2008ーJAR was commissioned by the MOFA to be a "2009 NGO Advisor."

May 2008

In May 2008, the Japan Association for Refugees was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be a "2009 NGO Advisor(Sodanin)."
As an "NGO Advisor" we will be answering questions and inquiries from both citizens and NGO workers, for example regarding the establishment of NGOs, participation in international cooperation activities, and know-how about administrative operations. We will also provide a "visiting counsel service"―holding counseling programs on event organisation and on ways of collaborating with local government and educational institutions, as well as offering tutoring services on how to conduct seminars and lectures. We will perform this work alongside 16 other NGOs from all over Japan, each of whom sharing unique knowledge and skills. In JAR's case, with our experiences supporting over 1500 refugees from more than 30 countries, we are able to answer questions on how to provide general support to foreign residents in Japan, perform research on a range of countries and regions, as well as providing advice on protection of beneficiaries' rights. We are also able to answer questions on becoming a certified nonprofit organisation, having achieved this status ourselves in May 2008.

Contact us:
The Japan Association for Refugees - a registered nonprofit organisation
"NGO Advisors": Mr Hiroaki Ishii and Ms Mihoko Kashima
TEL: 03-5379-6001 / FAX: 03-5379-6002