Donate Now! - JAR launched Winter Donation Campaign

As of January 4, 2012, we have received donations of 2,059,800 yen (including in-kind donations of 45,000 yen). We appreciate your generous support so far.

The number of refugee applicants is increasing at a record-setting pace this winter. Roughly three times more refugees have visited our office than previous winter so far, and many of them have no place to stay for the night. JAR has already spent more than allocated budget for refugees' living and lodging expenses.

If there were any vacant shelters, we would refer the refugees to them; however, with the significantly growing number of refugees, it is now more difficult to find any vacancies. The least we can do is to provide them with a sleeping bag and survival information such as locations of soup-run, so that they could survive somehow on their own. We often try to find a cheap lodging house or a hostel around 2,000 yen per night for a woman or a person in poor health, but we cannot offer same support for every refugee.

It is not certain why the number of refugee applicants is increasing. Yet it is obvious that JAR has received many more inquiries than ever before from refugees from African nations this winter.

Because of the situation mentioned, your kind donation is critical for us at the moment.

Lastly, we would like to introduce some messages we received along with the donations.
"I hope both refugees and people who suffered from the earthquake in Tohoku can spend this winter warmly." (a female supporter)
"Never lose hope." (a male supporter)
"I am surprised that the refugees are increasing. I am certain that the staff members are working very hard. Please take care of yourselves as well." (a female supporter)

Not only refugees but also the staff members are encouraged by these kind words.
We look forward to receiving your continuous support.


(Photo: Refugees who are waiting to receive support from JAR at the office.)