JARへのフィードバック / Online Feedback Form

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The Japan Association for Refugees (“JAR”) is committed to quality and accountability in the provision of services to refugees and asylum-seekers in Japan. Anyone is welcome to provide feedback on our services and express any complaints or concerns they may have.

Feedback can be provided in one of four ways

  1. Speak directly with one of our staff
  2. Submit this online feedback form
  3. Send an email to feedback@refugee.or.jp
  4. Submit a handwritten feedback form into the feedback box in our office (checked weekly)


フィードバック / Feedback

Please provide feedback or a detailed description of your complaint.

The complaint may include things like who, what, when, and where any incident may have taken place. You may also like to include supporting evidence for the complaint or note any witnesses to alleged incidents. You may also wish to note how you would like to see the matter resolved.

連絡先 / Contact Details

Unless contact information is provided we will not be able to respond to the feedback or complaint.